English Speaking Visitors

Dear Valued Foreign Visitor, welcome to my website!

As you probably have already noticed, this place on the internet is held in Polish. Two main reasons are: I’m Polish and the vast majority of my audience is Polish too. I’m sure you understand. My plans of releasing dual language articles are very long term, as even the Polish version alone is taking me too much time already.

Having that said, I am even more happy to see you here!

I have made an effort to make the content somewhat accessible also for you now. Please re-visit the website with the help of uncle Google Translate by clicking the link below:


The translator is making a decent job of converting the text, I’m sure you will understand a lot. I recommend choosing English, as the results are readable, but you are free to convert it to any language of your choice.

Regarding the multimedia content, every movie clip on the YouTube which is a part of this website, has an English close captions available – these were written by me.

Click here to see my YouTube channel

This is how to enable the English subtitles on my movies

Feel free to comment on my articles in English whenever you desire. I will be more than happy to respond, also my Polish audience is a group of skilled and educated people who would like to read your thoughts as well.

I also strongly encourage you to participate in my social media channels (the right side bar). These are more visual than the base text, so you will share the same experience with others.

I hope you enjoy the time spent here and come back again!



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